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Here's an idea for a project for all of us to work on. Indices -- The ToolBox matrix provides a general overview of ToolBox content. But it would be handy to have a complete index: something that would have all of the words and topics touched on within the kits? For instance, 5i has smog, motel, brunch, workaholic, alcoholic, ginormous, giant, gigantic, enormous, the norm, lyse, and gigant matrices, breathalyse, toponyms, frankfurter, hamburger, beefburger, acronyms, and a discussion of Humpty Dumpty and Alice. Possibly the way to do this is to categorize each entry by ToolBox number -- 5i for instance. Then, by going to the page for that category, you'd see a complete alphabetical list of the contents.

Here's one way of doing it -- create a page for each Theme, put in the Overview of the Contents, then add any important items and related resources. An example for KIt 2A is posted. Now every item in that page is searchable, so, for example, if I'm looking for information on the word "eight" or the concept of phonological graphemes, I can search for those terms, and this is one of the pages that would come up. Now, the next step is for other users to add to this index page items covered in this theme that are not in the Overview, annotations, and anything else you think would help TBox 2 users to find what they are looking for.