Click HERE for this special publication on an investigation of the family of the base <sum>

On March 23, I started my first of a new plan for a weekly "Free SWI Digital Drop In" where people areound the world can just drop in to a Zoom session I host to ask questions and investigate them. This is an experiment to try and help people during this coronavirus home-bound world. The session was greatly helped by Armaity, a participant from Toronto who emailed me a question before the first session. She had tried to construct a matrix on the base <sum> and had encountered some challenges. 

See the document for information for how to join these free weekly sessions. 

Her question provided such a rich opportunity to work through so many key aspects of scientific orthographic inquiry. I decided to write up a refelction on the learning I saw reflected in that investigation so that I could share it here. I think those who attende that first session will find it very helpful to revisit that investigation, but I've provided enough detail and links to other resources that this also should work as a stand alone resource to guide anyone interested in SWI. 

I hope you find it useful!


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