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re + duct + ion reduction

The word <reduction> is from the Latin root duc(ere), duct(us) for “lead, bring”. Find the words in the following paragraph from this same etymological family - those that share the same historical root.

It seems that the 16-year-old Greta Thunberg may be the person to finally educate us to understand that we must greatly reduce the carbon we put in the atmosphere because that is what is causing our climate crisis. We’ve long had the evidence that we need to make this reduction, but something about having a teenager leader for this movement has made a big difference!

Some semantic interpretations:

Can you discuss how the sense of ‘lead, bring’ relates to words like <educate>, <reduce> and <reduction> in the context of the climate crisis?

Some possible orthographic investigations :

Study the next page for morphological and etymological concepts and terms related to this family of words.

All the words within the perimeter of the oval -- whether in a matrix or not -- are in the same etymological family of the Latin root ducere, ductus.

Notice that any base element that derives from the same root can be referred to as an “associated base”. Twin bases are a special type of associated base.