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re + co + gn + ize recognize

Context from Greta’s speech: “But unless we recognize the overall failures of our current systems we must probably those probably don't stand a chance.”

From Etymonline:

recognize (v.)

early 15c., "resume possession of land," back-formation from recognizance, or else from Old French reconoiss-, stem of reconoistre "to know again, identify, recognize," from Latin recognoscere "acknowledge, recall to mind, know again; examine; certify," from re- "again" (see re-) + cognoscere "to get to know, recognize" (see cognizance).

Some semantic interpretations:

Along the history of this word, we see the senses “acknowledge” “examine” and even “recall or recover the knowledge of”. How can you discuss these ideas in relation to the climate crisis?

Possible orthographic investigations include:

Here we have evidence of another two-letter base with no vowel letter. While every word must have a vowel letter, there is no such need for a morpheme. After all, as Carol Chomsky (1979) told us, a morpheme doesn’t even have a pronunciation until it is in a word.

Click the “cognizance” link in Etymonline to find the deepest written root of this family. When you get to the entry for <cognizance>, you will find the deepest written root for this etymological family is the last word in italics before the PIE root. When you search that root, you will find more present day English words words in this etymological family. Perhaps my favourite is <ignominious>! See what else you can find.