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Click HERE for this WW Special Publication on "special"

After the first session of a five-session SWI on-line course I'm teaching, one of the participants shared some great thinking she and her student came up with about the word <special>. 

Her question provided such a rich opportunity to address details like the posting of scientific orthographic questions, the nature of morphological and etymological relations and much more. I shared the question with the 20 some people in the course, but these issues are so rich I also got permission to share my response here in Real Spellers where anyone can land on it. I've added some additional ideas and links along the way -- but I have still avoided providing an "answer" to her question. I encourage the reader to use this "WW Special Publication" as a launching pad for your own study. I hope people will share their ideas in the comments. However, I do recommend that you have a go at your own investigation before any "spoilers" that may appear in the comments. I have additional resources on this topic that I expect to share in the comments after the discussion goes a little farther. Stay tuned!

Screen shot of page one below. Click HERE for the full document. 

Screen Shot 2018 05 20 at 1.36.20 PM


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