Click HERE to download WW Newsletter #92

This Newsletter shares ideas and resources from and for our SWI community. In particular, I describe a way I've been designing public SWI  workshops which make use of local schools as "labs" to provide classroom-embeded training for teachers.

I  point to great new resources for teachers working with Structured Word Inquiry from Gina Cooke (LEX) and Scott Mills (Language InnerViews for Educators). 

Also, learn along with some of your colleagues from around the world (teachers and students) from great investigations they have provoked. Some orthographic goodies to explore:

  • Make sense  how <multiply> and <multiplication> relate.
  • Follow an investigation about the relationship between <create> <creation> and <creature> provoked by a Grade 2 class.
  • Consider the inspiring story of a reading specialist who has been transforming his own learning and that of his students with SWI. He shares the joy of their learning about bound bases and connecting vowel letters in the context of a study of words related to <unity>.



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