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One pupose of this short Newsletter highlights some exceptional new SWI resources from the wider community. As well, I share stories from resent innovations in my workshops that have been very effective models for getting richer PD to schools often while reduxing the cost to schools that get involved. 

Note (Dec. 8): Since posting this Newsletter, I saw an amazing NEW VIDEO introducing SWI by Timothy Houge, Ph.D. and Sue Hegland, B.S. The title of their talk is "Discovering the Sense in English Spelling: The Foundation of Literacy for Every Student". This webinar was posted on the Upper Midwest Branch of the International Dyslexia Association that Sue Hegland is very involved in. Timothy Houge is a professor at the faculty of education at Northern State University and has clearly been studying the orthography system and brings SWI to his work with his teaching students. I'm so pleased to see this kind of work getting to teachers in training. It's a bit of a long video, but I recommed that you watch it in parts. It is an exceptional, accessible but rich introduction to SWI principles and practices.

Go right to the video HERE. (Screen shot below.)

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Click HERE to go to the page on the UMBIDA website (screenshot below) with links to related resources for this webinar. 

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And here is a screen shot of the Newsletter!

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