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With a fall that is busier than ever, and my imminent trip with Gina Cooke, Doug Harper and a band of orthographers work with Old Grouch in France -- it seemed like a good moment to take stock of the current state of our community, and to consider the pathways that got us here. My own journey began when I happened to attend a 45 minute Real Spellign workshop with the Old Grouch at a conference in Bangkok in 2001. When I looked back, it was striking to see how so many of the small group of people who started on this journey around 15 years ago have  continued with their own learning and ways to continue sharing that learning. Along the way, of course, a number of figures have arisen to take the understanding of our community ever deeper and wider.

The convoluted connections I follow in the newsletter that have fostered this world-wide learning are astonishing -- and I hope entertaining. More importantly, the fact that so many that begin this journey just keep going is testament to the richness of the work we are doing. Once you understand the basic facts of  how spelling works so optimally for representing meaning -- you can't unlearn it. 

Along the way I share many videos, resources  and stories for SWI that I'm sure readers will find useful. You may also be astonished at the effect of two different <sign> matrices written on napkins at different conferences. Read to the end for my newest revision of the "4 Questions" of SWI and a new frame for using those questions by Scott Mills. 

I also include two truly moving stories by two different tutors new to SWI. Don't miss those!

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