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Click HERE to download the first WW Newsletter of the 2017-2018 school year. 

(NOTE: Some have reported difficulties downloading the pdf from Safari, but that when they tried Firefox and Chrome it worked. This file is larger than usual as it has many images, so it may take longer than usual to download.)

In this issue I reflect on the healthy growth of SWI that I see in the workshop I've been conducting this summer, and from the ever growing sources of learning from our own community. I also highlight the growing relevance of SWI in the research world, including new and on-going projects and two recent publications (Bowers & Bowers, 2017; Kirby & Bowers 2017). 

Along the way, you will find many links to rich new SWI resources from our community and THIS NEW VIDEO of an interview on SWI I got to do with Scott Mills on his excellent new website. 

I also highlight upcoming workshops. I'd like to particularly highlight the 2-day public SWI workshop I'll be doing at the International School of Lausanne in Switzerland. Click HERE for a poster with details. Click HERE to register. 

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Well, Mary, many thanks for your kind words. Coming from you, that means a lot. I'm particularly glad you highlighted the links to various resources out there. More and more these Newsletters are just launching pads to all the great things folks out there are doing. And your recent story of an inspiring visit to a school for kids in severe distress is one of the countless that I did not know about in time to share. I'm hoping you put that up on your website soon so I can!

Peter Bowers
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THE best newsletter ever. It is time for all educators to learn and listen to the many embedded videos and lessons in the newsletter. I will be forwarding this to many administrators and curriculum directors far and wide.
Thanks for taking us along on this journey building everyone's critical thinking skills one student, one class, one school at a time.

mary mcbride
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And many thanks to you for all your work Lisa. You're one of the reasons why our community is growing so well. It's amazing what has grown from your first SWI Facebook group.

Peter Bowers
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So much to love in this newsletter! Exceptional resources linked within to learn more about SWI. I'm dreaming of retirement so I can travel the world attending workshops!! What a better way to travel -- having high-interest groups to visit that feed your soul and enhance your mind!

I'm not sure how I could've missed Chomsky's article before, but it is on my reading list now! Totally agree with the Cognitive Load Theory, I see this as one of the biggest influences on my students' (special education elementary) ability to organize, categorize, access, recall, etc. morphemes while reading, spelling & writing -- influential to building a repertoire of critical thinking skills because the muddied waters of memorization are greatly reduced, clearing up the pathways.

Thanks for the links to the Facebook pages too. Anyone wanting to join the Structured Word Inquiry "secret" group can email Pete as he wrote in his newsletter or me at: OR ask a friend who is already in the group to add you.

Thanks Pete, for all you do to raise this community of word scientists -- it is changing lives!

Lisa Barnett
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