Click HERE to download the first WW Newsletter of the 2017-2018 school year. 

(NOTE: Some have reported difficulties downloading the pdf from Safari, but that when they tried Firefox and Chrome it worked. This file is larger than usual as it has many images, so it may take longer than usual to download.)

In this issue I reflect on the healthy growth of SWI that I see in the workshop I've been conducting this summer, and from the ever growing sources of learning from our own community. I also highlight the growing relevance of SWI in the research world, including new and on-going projects and two recent publications (Bowers & Bowers, 2017; Kirby & Bowers 2017). 

Along the way, you will find many links to rich new SWI resources from our community and THIS NEW VIDEO of an interview on SWI I got to do with Scott Mills on his excellent new website. 

I also highlight upcoming workshops. I'd like to particularly highlight the 2-day public SWI workshop I'll be doing at the International School of Lausanne in Switzerland. Click HERE for a poster with details. Click HERE to register. 

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