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Click HERE to go directly to this speical publication by Gail Venable.

Some background on this document:

Gail Venable has been a venerable tutor/learner for many years. Her role in pushing forward understanding of real spelling is mighty, but usually under the radar. She played a crucial role in the Nueva School's ability to adopt SWI in a deep way and she is a major personal help to my understanding and WordWorks work as she tirelessly helps me edit my Newsletters and other work. Readers of my newsletters owe her a great debt of thanks for usually cutting the length of those in half, while making them richer and clearer than I can do on my own.

Recently Gail wrote a post on a kind of sister site to Real Spellers -- the Structured Word Inqury Facebook group -- that I think is extremely rich for people making sense of this work. Since that is a closed group I wanted to post a version of Gail's story of moving from a deep background in O-G to working with real spelling in my Newsletters archive that anyone can access. 

I hope Gail's story offers insights for your own journeys.


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