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Click HERE for this Newsletter that shares stories about the kind of learning going on through SWI this year at Nueva across the grades (Pre-K to High School) and subjects. I also share tales of student and teacher learning as a result of the visits of Lyn Anderson (Beyond the Word) and then Gina Cooke (LEX)  and Douglas Harper (Etymonline).

I am coming to the end of an inspiring year as the resident "visiting scholar" Nueva School near San Francisco. The Nueva School has really established an environment for a community of scholars to blossom. At times it can be hard to believe the level of learning going on everyday here by students and teachers. 

I  move on with every confidence that next year will be even richer.  The foundation of collaborative learning already established provides the context needed for ever-deepening learrning through scientific inquiry. 

Many thanks to everyone at Nueva and the Bay Area for providing evidence of what is possible when teachers and schools make a full commitment to understanding and teaching how our written word works through scientific inuquiry.

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