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CLICK HERE for my first full Newsletter during my year as the visiting scholar at the Nueva School (2015 - 2016). There has been so much going on that whatever I share can only be a tip of the iceberg of what is going on here -- and continues around the world. As the subject suggests, the main theme that I was inspired to write about was simply the joy that I see from understanding spelling. 

While I do share some great examples from older grades, there is a main focus on the learning in the younger years. This is for a few reasons:

One is that the long-time untested (and false) assumption that morphological instruction is inappropriate for younger or struggling readers has meant that many teachers don't have ideas about the kind of orthographic content in general, and morphological content in particular that young children can learn -- and the joy of understanding and motivation this brings.

Another reason is that Nueva teachers have been working at structured word inquiry in Pre-K, kinder and Grade 1 for a number of years now. As teachers' undersanding of orthography has developed every year, so has their experience sharing that understanding with young children. This means Nueva has fosters examples of learning in the context of very young children that are simply rarely available for teachers or researchers to learn from. 

Finally, we are extremely fortunate at Nueva to be hosting the very first visit to North America by Lyn Anderson (Beyond the Word), my long-time collaborator and world expert in working with young children and teachers of young children with SWI. If you happen to be within striking distnance of the Bay Area after reading these stories, I encourage you to consider joying Lyn and I at the Nueva School on January 30 and/or Februry 6. Click HERE for more information and to register. 

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