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Click HERE for this WordWorks Update. 

It's been a crazy busy year for WordWorks. This short Update collects examples of learning and resources gathered over the last few months. Here is is an index of what you'll find if you dig in!

Read the "Highlights" in the scan (below) of the first page of this 5 page document to get a sense of what there is to find if you dig in!

Post Script: As I was going to press, I saw THIS AMAZING POST by Mary Beth Sevens Grade 5 class showing students deepening their understanding of the meaning and spelling structure of words by diving into the 4 principle parts of the Latin verb. It is so powerful to see the mastery of these linguistic concepts being used to make sense of rich vocabulary by students because their teacher has studied them in the Real Spelling Spellinar "Latin for Orthographers". 

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 2.02.15 PM



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