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WordWorks Newsletter # 78: Special Issue (Download HERE) 

I have had the good fortune to work with teachers, tutors and students at the Nueva School for almost 5 years now. Each time I return I am so impressed at the growth of their orthographic understanding in the whole community. (Their PE teacher, Zubin, is one of the most obsessed with investigating words!) As teachers’ understanding grows they of course find ever richer ways to integrate that understanding into their everyday practice. 

During my most recent trip (January 2015) one of their tutors, Rebecca Loveless, shared a truly inspiring story about the moment her student, who had been in great struggles since the beginning of the year, transformed from a "non-reader" to a "reader". This story is particularly important for those wondering...

"But what if the student isn't reading yet?"

Read one response to this question in Rebecca's account. Afterwards, when you're looking for a variety of responses to that question -- head over to Lyn Anderson's "Beyond the Word" blog at this LINK. Her website if filled with illustrations of developing orthographic understanding with young children. 


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