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This one is subtitled "Time is a friend to those on the spiral of ever-deepening learning through scientific inquiry."

I have kept this one as short as possible! I focus on learning from one investigation of <vacate> and <vacuum> as a way of illustrating the ever growing depth of understanding evident in our community of learners. As time moves on, I am encountering teachers and tutors who have been attended my workshops and/or worked with Gina Cooke and Real Speling for years. All the while deepening their understanding and refining their practice by working with their students. This Newsletter uses an wonderful spelling investigation to illustrate how revisiting the sam key ideas in a scientific context over time results in an ever deeper understanding. I also show how those experienced with structured word inquiry and novices can learn together -- to their own depth -- from the same basic content. 

I also point to two the exciting new cookbook from my wife Sus sharing her art and recipes from our summer courses on to this link to images from wokshops this summer in San Francisco, Cincinnati and Wofle Island. It was great fun!

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