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WW Newsletter # 74

Triangulating Triangles and Reflecting on Twin Bases

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This Newsletter reflects on the recent  Etymology 2 workshop by Gina Cooke and Douglas Harper that has become such an important "gathering of the tribes" for our community. Of course I also share a range of structured word inquiry investigations from classrooms around the world. Recent learning in Kindergarden, Grade 1 and Grade 2 at the Nueva School in San Francisco is highlighted.

I share news  from recent WordWorks on-line and on-site workshops. Some of these were were co-led with Gina Cooke (LEX), and more are to come. I encourage you to follow Gina's blog and to attend her workshops (like this one) whenever you get the chance. I learn so much from each of her blog posts and workshops. 

Also see Newsletter #74 for my upcoming workshops around the world that are open for registration. Given the stories of learning going on at Nueva, I highlight my Nueva Institute near San Francisco in August. Sign up soon! 

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