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WW Newsletter # 72

The joys of being wrong -- and being able to prove it!

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This newsletter was inspired by the nature of the learning I see occurring regularly in this global community of spelling scientists. I highlight three stories in particular -- two from the classroom and one from a tutoring situation. These stories were  important in helping me perceive what I think is a central mechanism for the learning that we can all see here on Real Spellers that Matt has organized for us, and in various other on-lone forums. 

The mechanism I began to see in these particular stories is at the core of the learning and instruction around which this community is built. Exploring a variety of ways that this scientific learning tool refines understanding about how our spelling-system works emaphasizes its generative effect on learning.

I have written this document to be read in a wide variety of ways. There are many links within the main text of the document, as well as notes with more links in side panels throughout. The two main classroom links I describe and the paragraph from a mother about learning in a tutoring context in the panel on the first page are central to the argument. But beyond that, the side panels and links should be simply signals of places you can dig deeper when your curiosity grabs your attention. On their first read, some will just read the main text and avoid all the links. Some, will revisit the document many times before getting to the end of the main text because they keep getting interested in one link or another. 

I will have succeeded in meeting my goal for this document if some of you return to it again and again over time. My hope is that what draws you in is the fact that each time you revisit, you find at least one link that helped you understand something new. Even better, some will recognize their own growing understanding each time they gain new insights from words they've read many times. 

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