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Word Sums (6)

ab + omin + able --> abominable

ab + omin + ably --> abominably

ab + omin + ate --> abominate

ab + omin + ate + ion --> abomination

omin + ous --> ominous

omin + ous + ly --> ominously


abominable meaning (adjective):

  • Deserving or causing disgust
  • Very disagreeable or unpleasant


Word Sum Hypothesis:


abominable → ab + omin + able


Prefix:  ab-  meaning from Latin: “source, origin, relation to, in consequence of” 

Bound Base:  omin,  stem of Latin <omen> “foreboding”

Suffix:  -able,  meaning from French / Latin: “full of, causing”


Related Words (Word Family):








Sounds that matter:

Final silent <e> marks syllabicity of <l> in final <le>: buckle, handle, steeple, table

For people who find this investigation useful, here is a link of the full investigation of abominable in Google Docs form that you can copy!

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Thank you Trish and Gail!

Just saw the post now. So rich. I also appreciate the link to the Google Doc!

I've never investigated this word, but with this discussion between you, I was delighted to note the etymological link between 'abominable' and 'omen'! Never occurred to me before!

Peter Bowers
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Thanks for sharing this investigation. The links between <omen>, <abominable> and <ominous> are interesting, and your study provides a great opportunity for noticing that English derivations of Latin nouns don't come from the reference form, here omen, but rather can be found by removing the genitive suffix, here omin(is).

Readers who are interested in following your lead in exploring Latinate words might want to check out the link under Resources on the home page. Taking Latin for Orthographers I and II from Real Spelling will deepen your understanding.

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