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I was lucky enough to sit in on lesson in Jenny and Katie's Grade 3 class recently in which a real Egyptologist Skyped in to discuss what he had learned about the Egyptian dynasties through scientific studies over the years. It was fascinating for all of us. 

While I listened, though, I couldn't resist doing my own digging into the historical cues to be found about the words <dynasty> and <Egyptologist>. 

You can see the screen shot of the document I created below, but you have to CLICK HERE to get the pdf. 

One reason you will want to get the pdf is because it has a hot link to a Real Spelling film on the process of analyzing the word <dynamic>. This film has long been one of my favourite on revealing the tail of the process of morphological analysis. I can't recommend it enough. Not only will that film help you understand this family of words far more deeply than my little static representation -- it will offer guidence of the process of investigating any word. 

Screen Shot 2016 02 28 at 8.14.09 PM


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Such a wealth of resourceful information by clicking the "HERE" button that leads to <create>! I tried clicking the blue "HERE" buttons in the Word Sums box to link to the video on <dynamic> and <log> but those are not hot links.

Thank you for posting all your journeys, I'm learning so much and when I watch them a second or third time after I've taken one of Michel's classes, I see different aspects and gain confidence in my assessments of what I see in these trails.

Lisa Barnett
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Never mind about the blue "HERE" buttons -- I went back to look at more Investigations and found the entry for <dynamic> and <Egyptologist> RS video.

Lisa Barnett
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