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Grade 6 teacher, Karen Tiegel at Nueva has been diving into poetry with her students. Last week, she asked if I'd help her integrate some SWI into their study of a lovely poem by Adrienne Rich called "Storm Warnings". 

The investigation that followed was rich, and has particular resonance for me as it had me revisit an investigation from 2002 when my Grade 4 student at the time sparked a correspondence with Old Grouch with her excellent hypothesizing. 

Click HERE to download the document I created to trace the trail of this investigation. (See the screen shot of the first of two pages below).

I love that after all these years, this family of words has raised new questions for me that I have not yet resolved! When you downolad the pdf, you will also find a link to the email correspondence between myself and Old Grouch from all those years ago!

Screen Shot 2016 02 28 at 7.28.04 PM




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