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This is a different SWI Investigations post as it is simply my reformatting of a Grade 2 blog post from Nueva Teachers Same Modest and Erin Metcalf whe were sharing their wonderful investigations of the spellings of the days of the week. 

Their instruction was guided by their study of the Real Spelling Theme 2L "Naming the days of the week". If you ever find yourself wondeing about the spelling of <Wednesday> or any of the names of the days of the week, I encourage you to see what Sam, Erin and their Grade 2's discovered by diving in to the spelling and history of these words. 

My favourite message came after their blog when Sam shared what his kids said the following week. But you'll have to download the pdfHERE for that!

Thanks to Sam  Erin and their students for offeing the first guest written SWI Investigations!

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