I'm delighted to share my inaugural orthographic "fireside chat" marking the launching of my year as "scholar in residence" at the Nueva School. I plan to post a series of SWI investigations of words that have been chosen by students and teachers at Nueva because of their centrality of the content of study. 

That motivation to deepen our understanding of content area, and our ability to articulate that understanding through a richer understanding of the structure and history of key terms and concepts will -- in turn -- offer a launching pad for deepening our understanding for how to become more effective "spelling scientists". 

This first investigation on <grace> and <subjugation> grew out of Jennifer White's Grade 11 study of President Obama's eulogy for Reverend Pinckney. While the investigation of both words informed the discussion of the class, it was the discovering of some of the relatives of the word <subjugation> that really highlighted the power that this kind of orthographic study can have on our understanding of text, and ability to inform our own writing. 

You can access the video of that speech here

You can access the text of that speech here

And with that see my first "fireside chat" of the year!

Note: After publishing a sharp-eyed editor noticed my iteresting misspelling of <sujugation> as *<subjucation> near the beginning of the film. I'll edit when I can, but for now -- just know I'm aware of the error now!