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Thanks Skot! I'm so glad you are picking up the mantle of the homophone hunt! When we act like a collective scholarly community who share the stories of our own learning journeys, what happens in a Grade 1 classroom in San Francisco can influence teachers and students around the world -- including a public school classroom in our very own backyard of Kingston Ontario.

Similarly, 10 years ago, I walked in to a Grade 1 lesson you were teaching in your own classroom in that same public school in Kingston and recorded what you happened to be doing that day. I posted that video at this link:;t=1s

That random visit has now been viewed over 15,000 times. It's been cited in publications and teacher education courses. I'm so pleased that you are in this community to both add to and build on our communal understanding.

Peter Bowers
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Pete, I am just knocked out by this piece. It is so, so coherent, reflecting the wisdom of someone who's been on this journey a while.

My class is currently at the beginning of a homophone hunt. I put it out there that "I have heard there might be more than a hundred homophones in English!!" (pause for the drawing in of breath) and many of them have caught the bug. As our public collection grows, I have a rich data set to draw upon for exploring grapheme-phoneme-morpheme relationships--as well as a sweet entry point into etymology.


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