The TBox2 version of Tool Kit One is now shipping

The Real Spelling site has already announced that the re-written Tool Kit 1 on interactive disk is published and is now shipping as standard in TBox2.

Existing TBox2 owners can update their resource from the link on the web site.


About heritage Themes from Tool Box One

Until now, the texts of the original Tool Box of 1997 have been provided alongside the completely new TBox2 resources. 

Except for the original text of Kits 5 and 6 that are currently being re-written, original first Tool Box Theme texts are no longer supplied with TBox 2.


Kit K is discontinued and will be replaced with a completely new ‘Foundation Tool Kit’

Dating from a decade and a half ago, the first Tool Box was a painful compromise with the pedagoguery of the schooling industry. Kit K was the most blatant caving-in to the reigning ideology and for some time it has been increasingly difficult and embarrassing to live with. It is with long-delayed relief that we set it completely aside.

In due course we plan to replace it with a Foundation Tool Kit each of whose 12 Themes will explain and resource a fundamental orthographic concept.

With no concessions to pedagoguery.


A new TBox2 resource in the offing : Real Script

As well as the current work of re-writing and converting Kits 5 and 6 to multimedia interactivity, we are in the early stages of preparing exciting (to us) new resource: Real Script.

Incoherent ergonomics, the usual superficiality of edubabble disturbed by the intrusion of ignorant and chauvinistic Style Wars, render what schools call ‘handwriting’ an incompetent, inefficient and painful mess for learners, and has produced a cacographic adult population that can’t tell the essential difference between script and the art form called calligraphy.

As soon as we can (but it won’t be immediately) we’ll let you have a sneak preview of some of the Real Script resources that are in the pipeline. Time rolls on, though. We simply hope that there will be enough of it left to us to allow our plans to become a concrete reality.

Know that you can rely on us to continue to work for the admirable company of real spellers for as long as we are able.