Earlier today , we received this message from the Real Spelling site.

Are you by any chance making iPad apps for your resources? Thanks!

Here’s an extract from our response.


You are not the first to ask us about iPad apps.

If you have a copy of Tool Box 2 with its interactive mutimedia contact on disk you will know that we are not technological Luddites - far from it!

On the other hand, we do not leap on to everything and anything that is new just because it is new - and fashionable.  A new medium must be capable of and apt for generating a new clarificatory dimension to cognition (which we have found and celebrate in the multimedia presentation of the TBox 2 Themes and resources).

Too often, though, educommerce has simply used hi-tech to add whistles, buzzes, vulgar primary colours and dancing cartoons as a sugar coating on the pill of the cognitive vacuum of the phonics fallacy.

Such bandwaggonry is not for us 

BUT ...

We are certainly appreciating the possibility of a real contribution to conceptual enagement and representation that the iPad technology appears to be able to offer, and that in spite of the fact that the near totality of iPadding edubabble on orthography that we have seen so far is just a recycling of that same old conceptual befuddlement.

So, you will no doubt be interested, and perhaps pleased, to know that Real Spelling is registered as an Apple Developer. We are not rushing into anything, though: "Nothing that is excellent was ever wrought suddenly," as Francis Bacon so aptly put it.


And in the mean time we still are struggling to find the time and serenity to complete the transfer of the Tool Box resource into its interactive multimedia content and format! No time for thumb-twiddling chez nous!