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Click HERE for this joint article by Deb Plotczik and myself. We put it together after Deb noticed some interesting questions working with the Real Spelling Tool Box 2. I hope readers will explore and share ideas in coments after this post! See the  first page of this 4 page document in screen shot below. (Note: Hot links only work on the downloaded pdf - not on the screen shot below). Aside from Deb's excellent piece, I share further illustrations of interrogting Real Spelling references incuding an old video from Real Spelling on the fascinating family of the words <create> and <creature> and the family of the <medi> family.

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Thank you Pete and Deb for this lovely story, which demonstrates one of the aspects of orthographic inquiry I adore, and a belief I try to convey to my own students - that learning is lifelong and knowledge never static. Reading or hearing the questions of others often reveals to me my own mistaken assumptions or misunderstandings and I loved Deb's description of "filtering" through her knowledge. The Real Spelling film is a delight and it reminded me that I tend to neglect the 4th question of SWI, about whether the graphemes function coherently within the boundaries of the elements; the neglect is based on my own lack of confidence and is something I need to remedy.

As for the inclusion of the prefix <-re> in the <medi> matrix, could I suggest the neologism "re-mediate", as in "We were unable to come to an agreement at the mediation, so we'll have to re-mediate next week"! It's a bit dodgy I know, but I do love how the simple inclusion of a hyphen can radically change the meaning of an expression. Thinking about this has made me realise that hyphens are another item I have ignored in my classroom and it could be an engaging activity for students to seek examples of ambiguity-resolving hyphens.

As always, much pleasurable work awaits me!

Allaana Bills
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I love your suggestion of introducing the "ambiguity-resolving hyphen" with "re-mediation." I use this kind of hyphen quite often in my own writing and I am delighted to have a name for it! I think this would start a wonderful class discussion.

Gail Venable
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