Dear Real Spellers,

As you know, we never spam you: This is the first email from us in about 5 years. But we have big news that we are sure you'd want to know about!

Announcement from Real Spelling!

The RealSpelling™ ToolBox is Back!

Many of the scholars engaged with Real Spelling back in the day had the opportunity to purchase the Real Spelling Toolbox, which addressed a plethora of orthographic themes in the inimitable style of Real Spelling. The first Toolbox was offered in 2001 as a set of booklets. A decade later the Toolbox was revised to reflect the ever-deepening understanding of Real Spelling and was made available as Toolbox 2 in an interactive format on CDs. Sadly, as technology “advanced,” the Toolbox went out of print.

Today, we are delighted to announce that Toolbox 2, in all its multimedia glory, is finding new life on the Web!

Even as the orthographic understanding of Real Spelling has evolved over the years, the Real Spellers Toolbox is still the ultimate resource on English orthography, providing rich, clarifying explanations of many puzzling aspects of spelling. No matter whether you are new to Real Spelling or you have been engaged in orthographic scholarship for some time, the Toolkit will prove invaluable as you continue your personal quest for understanding of the English writing system.

Plus Orthographic Phonology, 70 Matrices, Video Gallery, and eBook Gallery

The entire Kit 1 is now available to subscribers online, along with a resource on Orthographic Phonology, a collection of 70 Matrices, and growing Galleries of videos and eBooks. All are usable on computer, tablet, or smart phone. The other Kits (six in all) will be released in the coming months as they are converted, with additional Orthographic Analysis and Script resources.

Eventually, the entire Real Spelling Toolbox will be available in this interactive online format through annual or lifetime-of-the-site subscriptions. All proceeds go to Real Spelling. Lifetime subscribers will gain access to these resources as they are released and will also receive immediate access to original pdfs of the yet-to-be-converted Kits.

So don't wait—the 12 Themes of Kit 1, along with Orthographic Phonology and the other resources available now, are more than enough to start you on your path to orthographic understanding and to keep you busy for months, if not years, of study.

To see a sample of the Toolbox resources, go to There you will find a link to a sample theme—1K: Learning from Love. Take a look, try out the multimedia resources, make sure they work on your system, and when you are ready to learn more, choose an annual or lifetime-of-the-site subscription and dive right in.