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Erin has suggested that we post orthography-related challenges for each other, or for our students, to solve. Here is her first one. I have hidden the answer and discussion -- you have to log in to see them.

I have moved this discussion to the Pedagogy Forum. So, here is a new one. Well, not new, as I have taken it from TBox 5K -- Melvyn, is this ok?

In 5K, Melvyn introduces Holorimes, phrases that sound the same but have different words and meanings, such as "that stuff" and "that's tough." He says that we should be pleased with ourselves if we and our classes manage to come up with one in a year.

That's the challenge -- come up with a holorime that is not in the Tbox. I bet if many of the participants in this list put their heads together, we can come up with a bunch. Let's see!

Also, everyone, feel free to post new challenges here in the Pedagogy Forum.

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