As I'm new to the forum, I have been reading through older posts to try to gather ideas to support my wonderings. I work at a school where teachers are having a go with embedding word inquiry into their practice. My role is to support the teaching and learning (while learning myself :) ). Some teachers are willing to be vulnerable and have a go and see where the inquiry leads. Some are really hesistant because they are so used to having a laid out scope and sequence for a learning progression. I believe in what has been shared about following the child's interests and curiosities as well as their spelling errors. Some teachers want more clarity in a direction/progression. Is it just building up their efficacy in word inquiry tools?

I guess my big wondering is, how do you support the planning, instruction and assessment of structured word inquiry so that there is a consistent approach? Does anyone have any ideas for something that has worked for them to bring about increased consistency and shared practice?


Thanks for sharing your thinking!