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English Makes Sense!

Hi everyone.

I am happy to be able to log in here again! Because I have trouble remembering which passwords go with which websites (and don't always capture them in LastPass), I was blocked from Real Spellers because it thought I might be a spammer. So glad to be back.

Today I was just browsing through the wonderful videos on Ted-Ed and came across a video about spelling by none other than our very own Gina Cooke! Now I see that she has two videos there.  Perhaps I am the last to know this, but I wanted to share the link with you all, just in case you have not seen these.

Gina Cooke's Ted-Ed videos

I immediately shared this on Facebook with the caption, "If you have ever thought -- or taught -- that English spelling is strange, this is a must see."

I loved the "onion" video, Gina, and cannot wait to see the other one. 


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