Until recently, etymology has been a casual aside in Edubabbledom, a shallow and often inaccurate cosmetic but enough to impress the ovine faithful. You can see a typical example of such offhand treatment of etymological information in the film ‘Morphotwaddle and Etymuddle’ in the Edubabble Album of the Real Spelling Gallery.


But now there is more afoot on the etymology front, and we must be vigilant. 


Since six or seven years ago, and following a decade of torture inflicted on the unsuspecting phoneme by the vapid approximations of the Phonemic UN-Awareness bandwagon, we have been subjected to torrents of trivialized and distorted 'morphology'. The resulting parodies and misrepresentations of the orthographic morpheme are now side by side with official phonofaddle in the schemes, systems and methods. 


But now there seems to be little more disfigurement of the morpheme possible; the Industry is looking for its next prey. All the signs are that it is casting its rheumy eye in the direction of etymology.


The best protection from being flattened by fad and battered by the buzz words of half-understood and misrepresented schooling industry fashion is to be informed, in advance if possible.


We have been working on our own contribution to the cause; a film presentation of specifically orthographic etymology. It lasts for thirty minutes so make sure that you are sitting comfortably!







We have also set up an Orthographic Etymology Album in the Real Spelling Gallery.



But here is the best news of all.






The Dream Team of Gina’s razor-sharp scholarship and Doug’s inspired conception and maintenance of the best etymological resource around can only be The Event of the Year.


Start making your travel arrangements now. To miss such an orthographically cosmic event, when you could have been there, will be to condemn yourself to eternal regret afterwards!