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This week has been of portentous importance for the liberation of English orthography from the claws of the institutionalized pedagoguery industry.

All real spellers should instantly hie to the latest presentation from TED Ed. Click on the banner and prepare yourself for the orthographic treat of your life.

TED Ed Gina

Revel in Gina's magisterial demonstration - starting with <onion>! - of the elegant coherence and predictable consistency of what English orthography REALLY is.

And on the other side of the Atlantic this week there has been another giant step towards the liberation of English orthography. On Monday morning Dan Allen’s fifth graders at ZIS (the International School of Zürich) met real script and have immediately embraced it with gusto.

Click on the image to go to 5A’s unmissable blog. Marvel at how these students have roared into orthographic orbit with real script to complement their enthusiastic embrace of real spelling at the start of the term.

ZIS script


Yes; this has been a week of weeks. Under the banner of the transatlantic triliteral acronyms TED and ZIS the world is no longer the same place as it was at the beginning of the week.

Tremble, o ye hordes of edubabble. The writing (in real script) is on the wall!

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