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After briefly introducing my staff to Pete and Melvyn's work, a teacher asked me about the word "can." We technically could spell it differently, as we have another letter that represents the /k/ phoneme.  So I did some research and thinking about the word.

Can, the auxiliary verb, is a function word and the origins are listed as the following:

Origin: before 900; ME,OE, pres. ind. sing. 1st, 3rd person of cunnan to know, know how; c. G, ON Goth kann; see ken, know

Can, the content word or the noun or verb having to do with containers has the following origin:

 Origin: bef. 1000; ME, OE canne, c.G  Kanne, ON kanna, all perh. WGmc; cf. LL canna small vessel

Both words have roots with the <k> spelling, so it would make sense that we could spell one with a <k> to differenciate the meanings. 

Thoughts everyone?

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