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Recently one of our teachers asked me a question I couldn't answer. She noticed that many of our students were misspelling the word <throat>. Many of them were spelling it as <*throught>. She asked me how Real Spelling would help children with this particular spelling.

At first I responded that, by researching the word and other members of its family, the spelling would make sense to them and be connected to other words with similar meanings. But when I actually looked it up, I found this:

O.E. þrote (implied in þrotbolla "the Adam's apple, larynx," lit. "throat boll"), related to þrutian "to swell," from P.Gmc. *thrut- (cf. O.H.G. drozza, Ger. Drossel, O.S. strota, M.Du. strote, Du. strot "throat"), perhaps from PIE *trud- (cf. O.E. þrutian "to swell," O.N. þrutna "to swell").

This didn't seem very helpful for remembering the correct spelling. Next I looked it up in Word Searcher and found only throats, throaty, cutthroat, throatily, throatiness, which also didn't seem very helpful.

Does anyone have any suggestions about how RS can help students with this spelling, and with others like it?

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