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First draft: Again, I'd be grateful for editing.

Phoneme Graphemes Examples
/æ/ <a> cat
/ɐ/ <o>, <a>, <al> pot, swap, palm
/ɛ/ <e>, <ea> men, bread
/ɪ/ <i>, <y> sit, gym
/i/ <ee>, <e>, <ea>, <ey>, <ie>, <ei> reed, me, eat, key, chief, either
/ɔ/ <a>, <aw>, <ough>, <au>, <o> all, fawn, fought, pause, lost
/ʊ/ <oo>, <u>, <ou> book, put, could
/u/ <oo>, <ue>, <ew>, <ui>, <ou> too, blue, chew, suit, soup
/ʌ/ <u>, <o>, <oo>, <ou> but, cover, flood, trouble
/ə/ <a> America
/eɪ/ <a>, <ay>, <ai>, <ea>, <eigh>, <ei>, <ey> ape, play, rain, great, eight, vein, they
/ɐɪ/ <y>, <i>, <ie>, <igh> my, rifle, pie, right
/ɔɪ/ <oy>, <oi> boy, oil
/ɐʊ/ <ow>, <ou> how, out
/ju/ <u>, <ew> use, few
/j/ <y> yes
/oʊ/ <o>, <oa>, <oe>, <ow>, <ou> open, goat, toe, snow, shoulder
/w/ <w> win
/ɑ/ <a>, <al> alms
/ɒ/ <a>, <aw> dawn
/o/ <o>, <oa> old

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