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English Makes Sense!

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Phoneme Graphemes Examples
/b/ <b> bauble, banana
/d/ <d> dash, puddle
/f/ <f>, <ph>, <gh>, <lf> fish, graph, cough, calf
/g/ <g>, <gh> flag, ghost
/h/ <h> hot
/dʒ/ <j>, <g>, <dge> just, giraffe, fudge
/k/ <c>, <ck>, <k>, <qu>, <ch> class, clock, kite, clique, chorus
/l/ <l> log
/m/ <m>, <mb>, <mn> meet, crumb, autumn
/n/ <n>, <kn>, <gn>, <pn>, <mn> nice, knee, gnat, pneumonia, mnemonic
/p/ <p> pot
/kw/ <qu> quick
/r/ <r>, <wr>, <rh>, <rrh> run, wren, rhyme, diarrhea
/s/ <s>, <c>, <sc>, <ps> sin, ace, abscess, psalm
/t/ <t>, <th> top, thyme
/v/ <v> very
/w/ <w>, <wh> win, when
/ks/ <x>, <cks> fox, socks
/j/ <y>, <u>, <eu>, <i> yes, use, feud, onion
/z/ <z>, <s>, <x> zip, pleas, xylophone
/ʒ/ <s>, <z>, <ge> measure, azure, garage
/tʃ/ <ch>, <tch>, <t> chest, clutch, question
/ʃ/ <sh>, <sc>, <ch>, <si>, <ti>, <ci> shoe, prescious, charade, mission, nation, special
/ð/ <th> either
/θ/ <th> thin
/ŋ/ <ng>, <n> sing, bank

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