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I just want you to see whether I'm on the right track.

I want to know about the base of <applicable> and < capable>.

I know that there are two slightly different meanings between them, ‘cause I check the dictionary. It says that <applicable> used to be said<pliable> which means "capable of being applied".

Then, why does now the word change into <applicable>?

Is that because it comes from the word <applicare>?
<ply> ?

And how about its word sum <apply + (ca) + able>? or <ap +ply+ (ca) + able? Is there any <ap> prefix ?

The origin of the word <capable> is <capere> means “to grasp”.
So, can I say that the word sum is <cap + able>?

Is <cap> related to <capacity>? ‘cause if it talks about "capacity" also means the "ability'.

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