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The question tonight at my house was "how do you spell <terrain>?"  Well, I said, what is the base?  Our hyposthesis was <terra>  but I have now changed it to <terre>, due to words like <territory> and <terrestrial>.  The problem I have is the suffix.  The suffix <-ain> is not listed in my SOED as a suffix -- or etymonline.  There is some mention of using <-ane> in the SOED entry on <terrain> but I'm not sure what it is saying.  Regardless, <-ane> is only listed as a suffix for chemistry in my resources.  And, of course, <-in> is also not working out as a possible choice.  So, what do I do now?

Also, in spelling the word <republic> we began to wonder about the base -- is it <public>?  If not, then is it <publ>, allowing for both the <-ic> and <-ish> suffixes to form <public> and <publish>? Does the "every syllable must have a vowel" rule apply to bound bases?  If so, that would rule out <publ>?

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