This is my second post in honour of  the final month of this Real Spellers website.

I just finished teaching one of my 5-session SWI courses that was hosted by a UK professional organization for educators of those with speech and language difficulties called PATOSS. Something about this session had so many people on fire with amazing stories. In my courses, I always encourage people to email me with questions between sessions based on the lesson ideas/activities I model in class. I often get great questions that target issues everyone in the class will gain from. So I often write quite detailed responses and ask people if they are OK with me sharing that correspondence with the group. Sometimes, I find those correspondences so rich that I ask for permission to share more widely. 

I have many such stories that I never got around to publishing. But for this last month, I'm determined to share a few correspondences from this most recent 5-session SWI course. 

My first post was about a tutor new to SWI working with a 7-year-old dyslexic that you can see here

I am now also able to share this story about another tutorn, also brand new to SWI sharing her inspiring story of learning with her 9-year-old dyslexic student. 

Click HERE for the 4-page document with this story. 

This story also includes some links to related research for those who are interested. 

Screen shot of page 1 is below. 

Screenshot 2023 03 15 at 5.55.47 PM