I have been working with a few words (e.g., tournament, predicament, testament, sacrament, fundament, temperament) They all seem to have come from Latin (some through Old French).  They at first appear to have the suffix <ment> but I am unsure because they also have the letter <a> before the <ment> and the <a> does not seem to be part of the preceding element. I don’t think that <a> is a connecting letter? I am not aware of anything that would put the <a> and <m> together in an element and leave the suffix as <ent>. Is there also a suffix <ament> or am I missing something else? Or can I not analyze it down any further? 

For example :
tourn + a + ment --> tournament
tourn +ament
tourna +ment
tourn +am +ent
fund + a + ment --> fundament
fund + ament

funda + ment