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My colleagues and I have been discussing the words unite, unity, and union which led us to creating a matrix. Any feedback on the matrix attached would be appreciated. I ruled out <uni> as the base because I am thinking the <i> is a connector vowel and if so, allows me to include unanimous. I am unsure about whether unit and unitary belong. Thanks for any guidance you can provide!

Un Matrix Proposed

I was lucky enough to receive some guidance from Real Speller, Rebecca Loveless. She helped me understand a lexical word matrix is meant to be a synchronic represention of how words are right now in time. So with the elimination of the Latin root information, I have moved away from a diachronic representation to a synchronic representation. Rebecca also encouraged me to consider the possibility that a bound base may have a non-syllabic final <e>. In fact, the addition of the non-syllabic final <e> onto my original <un>, making the bound base <une>, allows for the addition of <triune>. All of Rebecca's information was verified when I received Real Spelling Tool Box 2's 70 Matrices. Inside this wonderful resourse was a <une> matrix. Attached is my revised matrix with a few additions that I am not sure belong: <commune>, <communion>, and <communication>. Any feedback is welcome!!


Revised Une Matrix

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To make a decision about whether <commune>, <communion>, and <communication> belong on your matrix, investigate whether they share the Latin root unus “one”.

Gail Venable
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