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I am often joyfully inundated with great spelling questions in the morning here at Nueva. This morning, Jake from Grade 2 stopped by to ask about the spelling of the word <poweirng>. I decided to write up his question and share what we discussed. on the wall by my office so that others can learn from Jake's sharp thinking. I thought I might as well share it here too!

I have not "answered" Jake's question, but I've tried to pose the question so that we can start to think deeper. You'll see that Jake's question has given us a good reason to dive into a Real Spelling Theme on consonant doubling. I have made that available at my school. Perhaps someone out there who uses that theme to understand the spelling of <powering> could share what they find so that those without the Real Spelling Tool Box can gain from the facts laid out there. 

Click HERE for Jake's question.

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Thanks for sharing this question with us Pete. Jake's question is empowering all of us to learn or revisit some learning right along with him. The Suffix Checker IS an Empowering tool! Wow! it seems a bit overwhelming at first glance, but it's really simple to use. I can hardly believe all those pathways work, but the ones I've applied to my short list really do. Amazing that anyone figured these out AND put this into an applicable flowchart. I am eager to get the Tool Box, hoping to have the opportunity to purchase it by Christmas Break so I can study it over that time period.

Lisa Barnett
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If you are lucky enough to have access to the Real Spelling Tool Box, I recommend that you take a question like this as an opportunity to dive into and explore a theme. I encourage you not to think of it as a way to answer a specific question -- although that often happens. Instead, think of students' questions like this as launching pads for your own learning. One resource in the Real Spelling Tool Box theme 4A on consonant doubling that I can help with learning from Jake's question is the "Big Suffix Checker". You can download a pdf of that flow chart representing the suffixing conventions from THIS LINK.

Peter Bowers
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