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I am just beginning to discover the deep well of information contained on this site--Amazing! Thought I'd jump on while I had a minute to share a funny teachable moment, uh....for the teacher.

Today, I learned a lesson -- to speak clearly, for what you say and what you mean may not always be the same.  We are reading Appelemando's Dreams by Patricia Polacco in one of my groups.  We are finding words within the text that we can write as word sums.  We discussed the task, I showed an example and directed students to find 5 words that they could write word sums from, but to note that we would be doing this backwards of how we had been the past few days -- we'd been writing word sums then the whole word "rewritten as".  Students nodded, affirming their understanding, one asked a clarifying question and asked for a second example.  After several minutes, kids began showing me their great examples, we discussed a few we want to do more in-depth work with tomorrow.  One little boy was in full concentration, he is usually operating on a higher level than the others in the group so I was not surprised he was still working, hoping to see maybe 8-10 words on his paper when he finished.  I let him work independently a few minutes longer, I didn't want to interrupt such concentrated effort!  

Mistake #2 -- you'll see Mistake #1 shortly, if you haven't figured it out by now -- I should have checked on his progress.  When he proudly brought his 5 words to show me, I realized Mistake #1.....he had written 5 words, a "rewritten as" arrow and each of them with backward letters and in reverse order!  Ooops!  My Bad!



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