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Today a student spelled <intelligence> with one <l>. As we created a word sum for that word, we came up with <intel + lige + ence>. On Etymonline, we found the Latin root legere "read, gather, choose"  also produces <lect> and <lege>. Finding that <sacrilige, neglect, & legume>are related to <intelligence, intellect, & legible> made my day and gave my student something he enthusiastically took home again to his family and his Latin-studying younger brother. From etymonline, Ayto, & Chambers, we found <intel> is derived from or is a form of <inter->, an assimiliation. We see it also is spelled <enter> as in <entertain & enterprising>. My student wondered about the <r> changing to an <l>. We see <interlude, interlace, interlink, interlock> so it doesn't always assimiliate, if that is what is happening in <intellect> etc. Any more information about this would be great. Why is the spelling <intel> with the legere root but not with the others?



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