My student asked me the other day about the two pronunciations of <ed>. She and her mother came across two words when looking at bird names <winged> and she couldn't remember the other, nor could I think of it, until today when i came across the word <breasted>. They were wondering why the two different pronunciations. 

We discussed the <-ed> suffix, and it was easy for me to recall that <-ed> was used to express past tense. Though, I quietly thought, "<winged> is not past tense, how do I explain this." 

This morning I reviewed Kit 1J, learning from the suffix <-ed>. Along with gaining a deeper understanding of how <-ed> is used, I also learned it forms adjectives! Thus the deeper understanding of words like <winged> <breasted> <toed>.

Makes me realize how for granted I take language, and use it in all kinds of ways, without really knowing or thinking about what I am doing!