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Some time ago, I got very side-tracked in other work because I became very curious about a hypothesis about a way to to join the words <democracy> and <democratic> in a single matrix. 

After sharing ideas with a number of colleagues I decided to represent the process of my investigation as a document that I could share with teachers that I work with. I wanted to try and identify the key concepts of English spelling, and principles of scientific inquiry of spelling that can aid in countless spelling investications. I also liked the idea of sharing how I work with an investigation that goes beyond the edge of my own orthographic expertise. I know I ask teachers to do that all the time. I figured I should share one of mine!

I hope you find the journey interesting. I'm curious to know if people have thoughts on my findings. 

Download the document here!

Screen Shot 2013-12-17 at 11.48.20 PM

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