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As our Grade 4 classes are currently starting a unit about exploration, with a connection to mapping in Maths, it seemed like a good idea to analyse the word <navigation>, but I've already lost my way! Using Etymonline I've got as far as the Latin roots "navis" meaning "ship", with related words like <navy>, <naval> and, of course, <navigate>; followed by  "agere" meaning "drive", with such related words as <litigation> and <objurgate>. I also found that "agere" is connected to <agility>, <agitate>, <act> and <transaction> among others. My current hypotheses for analysing <navigation> are <nave> + <i> + <gate> + <ion> or <navi> + <gate> + <ion>. Please can anyone help me find a way out of this impasse? 

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