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Thank you to Matt for agreeing to move on this section of the forum. I've been following this forum for many weeks now and the have been guided by a few real spellers longer than that. I've been reading long enough to see the value in the information that is being shared on this forum and by those that view words through in this way. In viewing this forum, I found that my knowledge base was not helpful in trying to follow the posts that were made. The conversation was enjoyable to follow, but I couldn't find a way to apply the things I was reading. I just wasn't understanding the information that was being presented. Obviously there are gaps in my knowledge that needed to be bridged. So it was suggested to talk with Matt which has led to this beginner's section of the forum. We'll see what comes of this section in the future. I'm very grateful that there is now a bit of a haven for beginners like me to work out old habits and new thoughts. Hopefully, others will find this spot suitable as well. Hopefully, I can figure out the publishing steps on the bottom. Thank you Matt!

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