We are working on a study on "conservation," as in "conservation of energy" and "conservation of mass," as part of a science unit in physics. Please note, this is the same word "conservation" in ecology, but the meaning is slightly nuanced for the domain of physics. Energy and mass can neither be created or destroyed - thus are conserved.

My research has found three possible bases for the word conservation. Which one do you think is the best choice?

Option 1: <ser> 

meaning: to protect  (etymonline)

?possible? word sum: con + ser + v + a + t + ion -->  conservation

Option 2: <servar> / <servat>

meaning: protect, store, keep, guard, preserve, save (latin-dictionary.net)

?possible? word sum: con + servat + ion --> conservation

Option 3: <conservat> 

meaning: preservation, conservation, keeping (intact) (latin-dictionary.net)

?possible? word sum: conservat + ion --> conservation

Quite a few questions remain open within this investigation. I'm not sure which of the three possible answers to use for the base: ser, servat, conservat? Would <servat> be a twin base, but the other two options are bound bases? I'm uncertain how to "spell out" the word in a word sum, I think all of the "?possible?" word sums above are wrong!

I would love thoughts from others on this investigation. Thank you ahead of time!