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I am new to doing SWI with my dyslexic students.  I thought that I would start with dic, dict which means to say or to tell.  I thought that I would show the two words dictate and indicate because the stress is different.  In looking at these two words and my word list,  the words with dic and dict with the stress on them like dictate come from dicere  which means to tell or say and the ones with indicate or abdicate with the come from dicare which is closer to to show.  They both back up into the same root diek which means to show.  How do I walk the kids through this?  How do we explain going from diek to dicere or dicare to dic and dict?   

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Greetings Shelley!

I started responding to your question here, then realized it was such a rich question, it deserved a response as a post in and of itself. I also wanted to include images that I can't do in the comments. So please go to this link

to see my response to your excellent question!


Peter Bowers
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